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Energy eggs or Yoni eggs

Internal meditation with a spiritualized crystal egg enhances sexuality, sensuality and tantric energies (kundalini type). The connection between heart and sexuality is easier, sexuality becomes a spiritual meditation.

Meditations with a spiritualised crystal egg bring us closer to spiritual sexuality – some will say tantric. 

Yoni = female sex (genitals) with a Loved and Sacred vision

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Once the choice and your personalized order confirmed by mall you will receive a mall of detailed description including the fast and recommended carriage costs. Payment securized with paypal

How to take care of your egg

This egg is invaluable. It was carefully selected to help you in order to improve your intimate life, whatever your current situation. It is important to take care of it, to pass it under tepid water (neither hot nor boiling) To use it at body temperature, heat it in your hand or under your thigh before use.

You can wash it with personal hygiene soap or any other soap that agrees with you. Neither detergent nor bleach should be used.

After use, you can rinse it with cold water and dry it delicately.  It appreciates the  morning sun and the moon.  Do not lend your egg, once that you have started using it as a Yoni egg.  You can also sleep with it under your pillow or meditate with it on your heart chakra and second chakra.  It is possible to sleep keeping the egg in oneself, after a few weeks of use.  One can also use it (internal or external) at special moments (ex : meditation on telluric spots , rituals, or during trying days )

The first time

Relax well before and after using the egg.

Squat slightly
Start by massaging your breast in both directions, until you sense a feeling of warmth in which you feel the connection with your Yoni.  Then, by caressing yourself, feel the warmth from your breast circulating through your ovaries and uterus, right up to your vagina. Massage your pubis and perineum area until you feel that you can introduce the egg into your vagina.

Now breathe in through your vagina, which comes down to aspiring your vagina towards the interior and attracting the egg into the uterus.  Then breathe out again.
Try to move the egg at your rhythm, upwards and downwards to work your perineum muscles.
At the end of the exercise, let the egg descend naturally (kneeling position) or push it out.  If you still feel heat in your body, appreciate it and direct it towards the centre of your navel.

It is possible to keep the egg longer in the vagina.  If the egg is rather small, the vagina tightens around it (as around the penis) and develops more muscle.  If the egg is larger, the sensations are stronger.  To recover the egg, kneel down, bend forwards, breathe out slowly, relax, push a little or let the egg slowly descend alone.  Remember, the more you tense, the more your muscles hold onto the egg.  Relax, breathe slowly and patiently wait to recover your egg!  With habit, you will be able to retrieve it quickly.

Information: there are three muscular groups in the vagina. First section: the external opening of the vagina with the entrance to the vaginal channel.  Second section:  Part at the bottom of the vaginal channel, in front of the cervix. Third section: central part of the vaginal channel.  With a bit of practice you will be able to dissociate these three zones and make them work independently.

After use, remember to remove your egg…don’t forget it…

Women use these eggs for:

The gymnastics of Yoni (sacred name identifying the female genitals)
Perineum rehabilitation
Strengthening of the intimate muscles
Awakening of the G point
Awakening of the vagina’s internal sensuality
Purification of negative memories (violence, miscarriage, abortions, etc)
A reactivation of orgasms, if necessary. They can be managed better. Stronger, more powerful, longer
A better conscience of sexuality
More freedom in sexuality (to say yes, no, take the initiative of a female, Yin, sexuality in complement to a Yang sexuality)
Luminous, more satisfactory orgasms, with multiple or deep orgasms, physical and/or energetical rises along the spine up to the heart and the top of the head.

The spiritualized crystals do not charge with negativities, which they dissolve.  They remain pure and active thanks to the work of being set in light that is done on them and with them.

Internal meditation with a spiritualized crystal egg enhances sexuality, sensuality and tantric energies (kundalini type). The connection between heart and sexuality is easier, sexuality becomes a spiritual meditation. Meditations with a spiritualised crystal egg bring us closer to spiritual sexuality – some will say tantric.

I invite you to consult the book “Introduction aux cristaux spiritualises” for more information.


yoni eggs are choosen specialy for you.... so price is depending and wee choose together...
To choose the egg for you, I need you to answer questions seguendi:
How old are you? How many children do you have?
Natural childbirth? Episiotomy?
The estimated size of the vagina (narrow or wide)?
You have frequent contact?
Satisfactory? Orgasmic? Pain?
A photo with you will help me make the right choice.
A phone call is also possible ...
Do you have a special spiritual way... ? Witch one ?
When you think of investing? (45 to 120 )

Thanks and Love Christophe


Sometimes I have Vajra varja cristal

(tantric name to define the male genitals) made of rock crystal.
They are small carved phalli, 8 and 11 cm in length, with a diameter of 1.3 till 2.5 centimetres. They are more Yang than the eggs and they energize more. When I use these Vajras during a massage, the crystal’s specific light goes up into each one of the woman’s charkas and generates small energetical fireworks. The charkas open up one after the other. These vajras stimulate orgasmic releases. They also act on the body tissues themselves, e.g. they can soften the possible rigidities left by episiotomy scars.





And men ?

Men also have a perineum that is an important acupunctural spot. Perineum is also the energy base and it is located on the central axe of the root chakra. If it is strongly compressed (e.g. with two fingers) just before ejaculation, the latter will be stopped.  If the pressure is maintained long enough (sometimes until pain) during an erection, the latter will disappear…
But this spot is also strongly erectogene and erectogenic if it is massaged and stimulated with sufficient softness, firmness and attentive fingers, in a circular motion for example.
There are many tantric exercises in which the man is sitting on his knees or cross-legged (lotus or half-lotus). He sits on a zafu (meditation cushion) so that part of his perineum rests on it. He can then slip the egg (or some other adapted crystal) under his perineum just so as to feel sufficient pressure…
Then by deep breathing, pelvis movements, energetical exercises which I could recommend upon request, the egg awakens and stimulates his yin sexuality and jointly his great yang power.

These exercises build up our own sexual energy and prepare us for the relationship with another.  It leads to multiple orgasm possibilities, without ejaculation, energy orgasms….

These meditations, which I will describe as tantric, can be done as a couple, they also prepare for a sacred, joyous and respectful love life. The eggs or certain adapted crystals open our male sexualities with spiritual dimension; it is a true change of conscience dimension and existence.

To order an egg

You can offer a Yoni egg to a friend or to yourself; the recommendation that appears necessary to me is to explain the instructions well.

For a man, I have different crystals that can be appropriate for certain requests or problems.
The budget for an egg varies according to the size, mineralogical qualities and spiritual work.  Envisage approximately 60 euros for eggs with beautiful qualities; I do not have any ordinary mineralogical qualities for such work.

For rarer mineralogical qualities, (thus also spiritual) up to 100, 150 and even 200 euros.  Which is the case of Célestine eggs on order only – or of spangled pink quartz eggs (very rare and of cosmic quality) or of rock crystal with inclusions or citrines.  During the ordering you will indicate your budget and especially what you expect, your desires and aspirations.


The sizes are between 3 and 5 centimetres for the length, the diameter will lie between 2.8 and 3.8 centimetres.  If you have an internal dimension out of these standards, let me know in your mail.  If the size is not appropriate there is an exchange possibility under 8 days.

If the egg is rather small, the vagina will have to tighten around the egg (as around the penis) and will be muscled more. If the egg is larger, the sensations will be stronger.  To recover the egg, it is enough to kneel, chest straight or slightly bent forwards and the egg goes down alone.

Some examples of crystals:
 œThe pink quartz uf will bring softness and love (spiritual), pink being to it the color of the love. It will support all the cures related to violences. It will stimulate cosmic dimensions of the love and will help the woman to become aware of her dimension of goddess dew close to Lakshmi (goddess of the beauty of the harmony, of the spiritual and soft love). The act in love will be then very harmonious and very méditatif...
The eggs present variation of forms ofœthe uf at the oval form, the color and the transparency will have also its importance in spiritual qualities of eggs. 

The sizes are between 3 and 5 centimetres for the length, the diameter will lie between 2,8 and 3,8 centimetres. If you have an internal dimension out of these standards, let me know it in the mall. If the size is not appropriate there possibility of exchange under eight days is.
Ifœthe uf is rather small, the vagina will have to be tightened  aroundœthe uf (as around the penis), and will be musclera more. Ifœthe uf is larger, the feelings will be stronger. To recoverœthe uf, it is enough to be put has knees the right bust or slightly ahead andœthe uf goes down all alone.
Some examples of crystals:  the pink quartz egg will bring softness and love (spiritual); pink being the colour of love.  It will help cure violence.  It will stimulate cosmic dimensions of love and will help the woman to become aware of her goddess dimension close to Lakshmi (goddess of beauty and harmony, of spiritual and tender love).  The love act will then be very harmonious and very meditative.
The eggs present a variation of forms from the egg to the oval form; the colour and the transparency will also have their importance in the spiritual qualities of the egg.


The rock crystal will bring light and conscience. It will be more dynamic than pink quartz.  Its action will be more purifying; it will bring white light for energy rises.

This quartz egg is rather round.  Observe its great transparency. The details of its interior drawings do not appear on the photograph.


This one is longer.  You can indicate your preference when ordering.


This quartz egg is citrine i.e. slightly smoked… if it is more solar; it has a spiritual dimension more marked than white quartz (above).  It will be deeper in particular to clean memories of contacts on the baby or of the instinctual and sexual energy intentions on behalf of an adult that the child can feel, and be disgusted by, but obliged to mix with that adult.  The child will keep a very unpleasant memory of what some of my customers call an energy rape.

The amethyst eggs often have qualities of depth, meditation and compassion, which are more developed than the other crystals. If the colour is pale, the egg will be gentle.  If it is dark, its qualities will be deeper and meditative.  These eggs correspond well for karmic cures or preceding lives. Cases of women having been violated or tortured during preceding lives and who have strong blockings or apprehensions whose origin is difficult to find in traditional therapies.
For such cures, it is important to tell me in order to inform the crystal at the time of its spiritual preparation and to put it in relation with those that I name “Masters of Karma”.

Note that amethyst eggs are rarer thus more expensive, their qualities are rather exceptional too.


There are also eggs of amétrine.  They are amethyst crystal eggs with yellow crystal inclusions (citrine).  Their qualities are completely exceptional, binding the qualities of amethyst and those of citrine, i.e. solar, purifying crystal.  I try to have some of them in advance and can find some on order.  Envisage a budget ranging between 100 and 200 euros according to mineralogical qualities and transparency.


For the choice of the crystal you will indicate to me:

If it is for you or to offer
Two or three types of eggs which you would like to receive in order of preference
The type of work you wish to carry our (standard cure)
Your budget
I also need a photograph (like an identity photograph) of you or the person, which you can send by mail or post, with your address.
If you wish to use it within a professional framework, I prefer being informed in order as to give you some additional advice and also so as to make a more therapeutic choice.

You choose a type of crystal, and also a spiritual personality.  I will help you in this choice, among the crystals, which are ready and spiritualized.  I will propose two or three of them to you and we will decide together which will be most appropriate for you.
You will be informed of the choice that I will propose to you as well as price and carriage costs (express train recommended), by mail, post or telephone according to whatever suits you best.
I will give you the crystal’s name and will indicate to you its main qualities (e.g. “Pure, Innocence, Light, Healer, Deep, Cosmic…” are common crystal names)

Its cures are emotional, spiritual, karmic, energetical. In no case do I give a physical medical diagnosis and I do not prescribe any drug or other physical cure, nor do I have an unspecified action that would be against the French legislation.  In the event of physical disease, legally only doctors are thus qualified.
All information that is communicated to me will be erased from my computer, and no information (no detail, no address, no name) will be revealed.

These exchanges are within a framework of strictly confidential accompaniment.




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