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Meeting with a natural hot springs and wild in the Pyrenees.

Sacred spring, requested by the former in many spiritual rituals (shamanistic, animistic healing and to honor the earth and the sacred fires of the earth).


A journey of purification (sulfur spring to + 65 °) for harmonization with nature.
A sacred place, containing many ancestral memories of ritual purification, harmonization of spiritual healing.
An encounter with "DEA " Roman goddess of the place, an alliance of fire, water and earth.
At night, it manifests itself (where there is too much noise).
Recommendation: back to sleep on the floor (mattresses available), along the line of descent of the water source, has the stars. Breathe and meditate.
The goddess of hot springs: Dea not let me sleep until about 4am after making me fly and dream in Italian! There followed a surge of warm energy (as the source) over 15 minutes along my spine (in the channel Sushuma), a rise of Kundalini "absolutamente deliciosa, Orgasmic, Estatica" ...

Dea struck me visually close to the Tibetan goddess of abundance and love (there are 21 goddesses Tara), Dea and appeared dark red vermillion ...
On site, several pools, including two small children and tepid.

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